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April 13 - June 29, 2013

When he was unable to rent a large passenger van with
seatbelts as I'd requested for our trip through South
India, Boopathy Jayaraman gathered together all of his
savings and, with the blessings of his wife and daughter,
went out and purchased a brand-new Tempo Traveller,
the first vehicle he'd ever owned. He called it Bhairava.

These photographs, taken principally by our drivers  
Boopathy Jayaraman and his brother-in-law Gajendra
Subramanyam, materialized before dawn and after dark,
in forests and shops, in temples and at the dinner table.

Like Shiva's bull, Nandi, and Vishnu's eagle, Garuda,
most Hindu deities are portrayed with a
vahana, a divine
vehicle. Over the course of four weeks of companionship
and five thousand kilometers of Indian roads. seven of
us (four westerners and three Indians) shared a most
magical vehicle, the remarkable Bhairava.
BHAIRAVA is a ferocious
form of Shiva and an
excellent protector
against harm. Traveling
in his care through
Karnataka, Kerala and
Tamil Nadu were:

Boopathy Jayaraman
Gajendra Subramanyam
TSJ Deenanath
Susan Burbidge
Alex Pla Delmulle
Tim Hamill &
Bobbi Hamill