Website: Bobbi Hamill
 Copyright MarkMaker Press, Newton MA USA

December  10th, 2011 - February 10, 2012

Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays, Noon - 6 PM

Hamill Gallery
2164 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02119

Exhibit is located in the second floor gallery and is NOT
handicapped accessible.
MarkMaker Press & Hamill Gallery of Tribal
Art are delighted to present FUNNY FACE, a
whimsical conversation among an odd
assortment of  participants (some tribal,
some contemporary) in which the obscure
yet resonant tones emanating from ritual
tribal objects are juxtaposed with the lively
gibberish suggested by the  fantastical
drawings of Spanish artist Alex Pla Del Mulle.
In addition to
Alex's paintings, work by
Cristina Toro,
Ulysses Jackson, Ellie Lee,
Rob Silsby, Tim Hamill,
Susan Burbidge,
and Bobbi Hamill are on