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The Produce Section at Purity Supreme, 1973

Susan Burbidge
Susan Burbidge

We go to the supermarket because we've used up or run out of
whatever we got the last time we were there. If shopping is repetition
compelled by consumption, shopping for produce is an exercise in
pure ephemerality; carry away enough broccoli or pineapple to last
a month and most of it will spoil within a week. So we amble the
aisles, replacing the impermanent.

Yet curiously, impermanence has no place in these photographs.  
The shoppers are garbed in formality and their most mundane
gestures have been transformed by a sort of classical restraint into
a ceremony of selection and rejection. Wrapped in dark coats and
wearing polished shoes, these ladies (and the occasional
gentleman) appear to be participants in a somber ritual, thoughtfully
calculating quantities or deliberating upon the matter of ripeness.
This is the magic of the camera lens, summoning from the least
memorable moments of our daily lives the rhythm and the
refinement of eternity.
Susan Burbidge has been considering the world through various
viewfinders since she was a teenager. This exhibition consists of
photographs taken (with the permission of the manager) at the
Purity Supreme store in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts in 1973.
The images were made using a Nikkormat FT camera and TriX 400

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