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A Collection of Memories Recovered from Elsewhere
A Collection of Memories Recovered from Elsewhere

José Ramón Bas
José Ramón Bas

If the photographer is an observer who tells a particular truth about
a particular moment, whose work testifies to the incontrovertible
existence of a precise cross-section of time captured and exposed,
José Ramón Bas is an awfully unreliable witness. But he is a very
good storyteller.

Once Upon A Time is a storyteller’s device.  It delineates a
threshold which will be crossed at the moment when the substantive
reality of the listener’s everyday world gives way to the invention of
the story. In the case of José Ramón Bas, the story is told with
images rather than with words, although words frequently appear as
part of the images. The photographs, which also form part of the
images, hearken back to the substantive reality of the viewer’s
world, a latitude + longitude that is identifiable and actually
reachable. All the rest of it – the words, the cartoon clouds, the
horizons in the air and the guys drawn on the beach and the
mountains and the trees and the boats – all of this is the invention
of the storyteller, José Ramón Bas. In other words, the photographs
tell you where he was when he started these stories; the images,  in
which the photographs are embedded, are the stories themselves.

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